1. Terms And Condition

This Document Outlines The Terms and Conditions Governing the Use Of The Services Provided by Growbiz, a Digital Marketing Agency Based in India. By Accessing and Using any Of the Services Offered By Growbiz, You Agree to Abide By These Terms. Please Read These Terms Carefully Before Engaging With Our Services.

2. Client Responsibilities

Clients Engaging With Growbiz Services Agree to Provide Accurate and Complete Information Necessary For the Execution of the Chosen Services. Clients are Responsible For Obtaining All Necessary Permissions, Licenses, and Consents Related to the Content Provided to Growbiz.

3. Payment Terms

Payment Terms Will be Discussed and Agreed Upon Between Growbiz and the Client Before the Commencement of any Service. Late Payments May Result in a Suspension Of Services Until The Outstanding Amount is Settled.

4. Confidentiality

Growbiz Agrees to Keep Confidential All Information Provided by the Client, and The Client Agrees to Keep Confidential Any Proprietary Information of Growbiz Disclosed During The Term of Engagement.

5. Intellectual Property

All intellectual Property Rights Associated With The Services Provided by Growbiz Shall Remain the Property of Growbiz Unless Otherwise Agreed in Writing. Clients May Use Deliverables For Their Intended Purpose But May Not Reproduce, distribute, Or Display Them For Commercial Purposes Without Written Consent From Growbiz.

6. Termination Of Services

Either Party May Terminate The Services Provided By Growbiz With a Written Notice. In Case of Termination, The Client Agrees To Pay For Any Outstanding Services Delivered Up To The Termination Date.